Injections 3.0

Injections 3.0…October 2019 We are getting close to our egg retrieval!!! WOO HOO! My stomach has started to get sore and swollen/bloated. There has also been some minor bruising. I have lost track of how many times I have given myself a shot now….it become part of my daily routine. My husband gave me 2Continue reading Injections 3.0

Food and Fitness

The pineapple….the myth….the legend! HA! There are a lot of rumors when it comes to pineapple and infertility. Some say the pineapple has properties that help with implantation and a successful pregnancy. I read one study that said to eat an ENTIRE pineapple the day of your transfer….uhhhhhhhhhh that is a whole lotta pineapple!?! SomeContinue reading Food and Fitness