Backstory on us…..We began dating in November 2015. We were engaged in February 2017 and we said “I do” in December 2017. We fell madly in love and of course we wanted children. We discussed 1…2…3…maybe 4 kiddos. We were unsure what the plan for us was, but we knew we wanted babies. We knew we did not want to wait to have babies either. After our wedding, I had a pre pregnancy evaluation. The doctor said everything appeared fine and it did not seem we would have any issues conceiving…..which in the end was false and gave us false hope that it would be easy to make a baby. We discussed possible baby names…..Girl: “Olivia Michelle” -or- Boy: “Lucas Scott”. We would pass down our middle names to have some family tradition. If we have a second girl the name we liked is “Paityn Grace”….do not ask about a second boy. If we end up with a second boy, he shall be nameless (haha we would figure out a name if there ever was a second boy, but for now nameless). This leads me to our first post and the moment we found out I would have issues conceiving. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not know the exact terms or science behind it all)

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