Let me start this by saying we were not doing a medicated cycle and were doing a new protocol, a modified natural cycle. The work up consisted of scans, supplementary medications, and waiting for the right time. With a medicated cycle, a date can be set for the transfer early in the process. With the modified natural cycle, you are at the mercy of your body. The day came for the trigger shot and we had a transfer date. September 8, 2022, almost a year after we started trying for baby #2. We were nervous and just praying this was going to work. This was our second to last embryo and we already knew we did not want to do another egg retrieval. We transferred a little girl and just tried to remain hopeful. The day of our transfer meant we had to wait 11 days for the BETA blood test vs the normal 9. I have never been one to take an at home test with a transfer, but that had not been working for us. This time I decided to take at home tests starting day 5 after transfer, but I did not look until day 9. When I looked, I was shocked. The tests all showed we were pregnant, even the day 5 test! My HCG line was also getting darker and darker each day…this was a great sign, but we still had to wait for the blood work results to have a more definite answer. The day of the lab test, I was so nervous. I went and had my labs done and they were available before lunch. My clinic called and we were pregnant, not just a little pregnant, A LOT pregnant. I was so excited but so nervous because the levels still needed to properly rise. The next test 48 hours later showed the levels were properly rising and they continued to stay on track. We were getting to schedule and ultrasound! WOO HOO! I was so nervous, praying we would have a heart beat and everything would look good. I laid down and the doctor came in, she of course was excited because she has been there with us through all od the hard times. The scan started and immediately you could see the baby and a little heart flickering. The relief we felt was met with nerves as we needed this trend to continue. The next 2 ultrasounds showed the little nugget was properly growing and we officially graduated to our OB. We met with our OB and a lot was discussed (due to our delivery with Olivia and our issues conceiving a second). It was determined we would be referred to a high risk specialist (we were also high risk with Olivia). I was happy to know we would be monitored more and happy to have a plan for the pregnancy/delivery. It is hard to believe we are here and are going to have a second little one. We feel so blessed to have another miracle on the way.

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