Baby Nathan…our last male embryo

On 5/16/22, we transferred our last male embryo. I have had a hard time with this post and wanting to even write it. We did not tell many people what happened and have kind of kept to ourselves.

When we went in for the transfer, we were nervous, and it was hard to remain hopeful. We have had a lot of discussions about how we would move forward with infertility if the remaining embryos did not work. We do still have 2 female embryos and we are doing our best to stay hopeful that one of them will be our second miracle. As of right now, we do not have plans to do another egg retrieval if these embryos do not turn into a tiny human.

Anyways, back to the transfer. I did all of the good things again and we made sure we were extra careful this transfer. I took it easy the first few days while walking around enough to circulate blood to the uterus. I DID ALL OF THE THINGS! The day came for the blood test. I went in and I just had a feeling it would be an answer I did not want to hear. I am not sure why I had this feeling, but I did. I waited for the results and when I got the call, the news was bad. This transfer we were considered not pregnant with an HCG level below 5. I thought the results might be low, but we would at least be pregnant. The fact that we were not only not pregnant, but we were not going to have a boy (at least not at this time, we would need to do another egg retrieval for that or a friggin miracle) was hard to hear. I was not going to be able to give my husband a boy or carry on his last name, I know he does not see it that way, but I do. We have always said we hoped we would have 2 girls, but we wanted one boy. We love being girl parents and will take whatever blessing God has for us, but it does not make this any easier.

We named our last boy Nathan. This was a name my husband loved and we decided it was the perfect name for our last male embryo.


The decision was made after the failed transfer to do a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. This was to verify there was nothing going on that scans could not detect. I went into the surgery wanting both nothing to be found and at the same time wanting something to be found. Nothing being found would be great and mean my uterus is not having internal issues, but also meant no answers. Finding something might be the answer, but also could mean additional steps before another transfer. The surgery day arrived, and I was anxious. I was taken back for surgery and was wheeled to recovery. When I woke up my doctor let me know that everything looked good and clear. I was happy to hear the news but also wanted to know what this meant moving forward. When I saw my doctor for my follow up, we discussed a new protocol. We would change from a medicated cycle to a modified natural cycle (my clinic has a different name for it). The decision was also made to add Levenox injections to my protocol. I finished recovery and then we started the workup for a transfer.

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