Today is #thisismystory day for national infertility week. However, this is not my story…this is OUR story. We are a team and as husband/wife we are one unit. We are in this journey together. Our story began some years ago but our infertility journey began in 2017. We initially were told I have PCOS and my OB at the time said I would need IVF to conceive. I did a ton of research and found some natural ways to get rid of the cysts from PCOS. PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome. With PCOS you can develop small cysts in the ovaries. These cysts can rupture but typically do not require surgery. I had 12 per ovary when I had my initial scan done. I had some issues with this OB, so I switched doctors and found our AMAZING OB DR.B! We already knew we would have issues since I was diagnosed with PCOS. I began researching fertility clinics and found a clinic that had good reviews. I was new to the infertility world, so I was unsure what to expect. I did not follow any infertility social media pages and went into my appointment with no expectations. We met our doctor, we love her, and she is amazing. As an infertile, you should choose a doctor that fits your personality, your spouse’s personality, and you 100% feel comfortable with. We began the journey of the scans, blood work, and all of the super fun (actually very awkward) tests. After the initial testing, we met with our doctor again and found out I had fallopian tube damage. You might wonder what could cause something like that? Well, there is no answer. There is a lot of unknown with infertility and as an infertile you sadly have to accept the fact that there is not always an answer. Also, I say infertile in a light hearted way…Anyways back to the story…surgery was scheduled. This would be my first surgery in our journey. I was scheduled for a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy. During surgery, endometriosis was located…oh that sneaky sneaky endo just hiding out on the uterus (the outside and inside of the uterus, it was found during the laparoscopy). I also had some polyps and fibroids…. Just LOVELY finding out there is way more going on. At least we knew some of what was going on. I also have some unexplained infertility. So, we decided with our doctor IVF was the best option but we would try one round of IUI first. We did all of the work, went in, I was turkey basted (very literally lol JK), and the IUI was unsuccessful. We knew it was  very likely we would be unsuccessful with IUI but we would have kicked ourselves in the butts if we did not at least try. So we moved onto IVF. Let me just tell you giving yourself shots (or your spouse doing it) is sooooooooooo FUN! Really it is semi weird and semi cool, like someone should just hire me to be a shot tech! (Is that even a thing? I know it is not lol). Our egg retrieval went well, I did hyper stimulate (made way too many eggs for my ovaries and they were so large they were touching in the middle, yes you read that right….they were touching). We got a lot of eggs (in the 30’s) but only ended up with 9 embryos. We decided to do genetic testing on our little nuggets. One was abnormal, one was low mosaic, and the rest were normal.  We scheduled out first transfer, with a ton of nerves and excitement we transferred our best possible chance for a pregnancy which was a girl. It was a success! We now have a super insanely funny and smart 1.5 year old. When I was 9 months postpartum, we decided to go in to start the process for a transfer to happen a month after our miracle was 1. We went into this transfer just assuming it would be a success, which was very naïve of us. It sadly resulted in a miscarriage. I ended up needing surgery after due to polyps being found on my uterine lining. I had polyps and fibroids again. So we did the surgery and scheduled another transfer that again sadly resulted in a miscarriage….then a 3rd with the same outcome. I began feeling defeated. Our doctor recommended an ERA after the second miscarriage but we wanted to try one more time before we did the procedure. Well, after the 3rd miscarriage, it was time for an ERA. An ERA is a biopsy of the uterine lining. It tests the peak time of progesterone to get pregnant and tests for a few other things (inflammation, endometriosis….). The results came back that I needed an extra 24 hours of progesterone. I know this might sound insane that there is an exact minute that is perfect to someone who has not struggled with infertility but in the infertile world, you do every single thing exactly right to make the best and most inviting uterus. We also decided to take a break while we waited for the results and focus on us, our family, our little miracle. Infertility can consume your life and we needed a break. We are enjoying our break very much! As much as we want another little one, we know we need time to heal. A good friend of mine, we will call her shawty (haha she is a 90’s mom so if you get it you get it), well she decided to send me a daily devotional book. In this time we are taking to enjoy our family and have time for ourselves, this daily devotional book has helped bring me so much peace. I have been very lucky to have some amazing support during this time, an amazing friend I call my Sancha (if you get it you get it), shawty, some amazing infertile friends, and some family who have been amazingly supportive. I have a tendency to shut everyone out when I want to process things, but these wonderful people have made sure I did not do that and I took time to heal. This is our story….to be continued

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