Now we get into our thoughts behind what to do next… We thought a lot about both options. Our options were to transfer a girl next or to do an ERA and possibly transfer another boy. An ERA is a surgical procedure done to check inflammation and hormone levels in the uterine lining. They would basically do a mock transfer in terms of medications and then do the procedure. If we decided to transfer a girl, we would need to just wait until the next cycle to start again (or whenever we were ready). We had a lot to take into consideration since the last miscarriage was so hard on my body. We took a few days and discussed the options. We played out all of the scenarios in our minds. If we do an ERA will it give us a baby? Will it guarantee a success? At this point, we honestly questioned if we would even be able to have a second kid (boy or girl). We count our blessings with Olivia, but it was a huge reality check for us since she was out first transfer and she was a successful live birth. We know the process is not easy at all, but I think we had high hopes for a second transfer to work since our first did, but here we were 3 transfers later with 2 ending in miscarriage. We for sure knew we wanted to try again, but were unsure which path to take. Do we transfer another female embryo since we have had success with a female? If we get pregnant then we for sure know something is going on with our male embryos we have transferred. If not then we know something is going on with my body or the remainder of our embryos. Now you might be thinking to yourself “don’t they have genetic testing done on their embryos?”, the answer is yes we do. This is not a 100% guarantee the embryo is perfect. There is still a chance the embryo may not be “normal”. The tests can only check for so many genetic factors, the science is still being figured out as to testing the embryos further. As far as or decision goes, our next best embryo was a female and so that was what we decided to do. We decided to just go for another transfer…here we go again.

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