After our miscarriage, I went to see our doctor for follow up scans to make sure my body processed the miscarriage on its own. My initial scan was abnormal, but I needed another scan due to my uterine lining being too thick/at the wrong stage for a good look. After a cycle, I returned for a second scan. The decision was made to do a saline ultrasound in order to get the best views possible of my uterus. The scan was again abnormal, but it showed more was wrong that just my body not miscarrying fully. It appeared there was other build up on the inside of my uterus. A surgery was planned a few days after the scan. I went into the surgery center, due to COVID protocols my husband was not allowed in the back with me. I waited to be taken back, I was not nervous even though I have had a hysteroscopy before. This one was different since it was after a miscarriage. I was more excited because I thought this would give us a better chance at a successful transfer/pregnancy. The embryo stuck but could not develop properly and this could have been due to build up on my uterine lining (there could have been other issues). When I woke up from surgery, I was told I had polyps/fibroids on my uterine lining. I had a lot more than was expected since my scan prior to the transfer did not show any issues. The scans are not 100%. The only way to know for sure is to get a look inside doing a hysteroscopy. The fibroids were removed, and my uterine lining was biopsied. Thankfully the biopsy showed no inflammation in my uterus. Now time to plan another transfer with a lot of prayer it will work with a shiny and clean uterus.

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