One year ago today (12/9/19)……Has it already been one year since we had our transfer? Wow! That day I was so nervous and had no clue what would ultimately happen. Olivia was safely frozen in her petri dish, waiting to be thawed out. We woke up and wanted to pretend it was like any other day. I did a workout, we ate breakfast, and then we headed to the clinic (where things started becoming more of a reality). I remember every superstition I did that day, to include the Chick-Fil-A fries I ate….Yes, I did eat those same fries today! One year ago, this tiny human we can now hold in our arms was thawed out in a fragile multi-cell state to be implanted. We went home that day just hoping we would ultimately have a precious tiny human. We had already painted the baby room, so we sat in there dreaming of what life would be like if this little embryo that was implanted would turn into our miracle. We now sit in that same room watching her dream, enjoying her smiles, watching her play, and soaking up every moment we can with her. She had been frozen for a few weeks prior to the transfer…kind of funny with the cold/freezing weather we have had the past few weeks! I remember watching, on a TV screen in the OR room, the embryo being placed in the catheter. It is funny because I tell people a woman got me pregnant and I get so many confused looks HAH! There were actually a few women in the room; my husband was also in the room (no matter how I say that it confuses people LOL). I got pregnant with the flow of a catheter. I still have moments where it is hard to believe we have her in our hands. I still have moments where I deny this is my real life. Words can not describe how this process makes you feel. There are so many emotions and words can not explain how blessed I feel to have this tiny human in our lives. All the massive poop diapers, farts, boogers, and ruined outfits from pooplosions (LOL) are all worth it! We could not be more blessed. So much prayer and positive vibes went into making our little miracle. She is so loved. As much as this process is stressful and heartbreaking to go through, I would not change a thing on how our miracle was made. She has a unique story, just like every fertility baby does. We got to see her during a stage of her life where most parents do not get to see their babies. Her sass took some time to thaw out just like her embryo (LOL)…but her little sassy personality is wonderful! Our little blessing and miracle!

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