I know it has been a while, we have been busy learning to be the best parents we can be for Miss Olivia. Soooooo here is an update….

The 4th trimester is from birth to 12 weeks. So let’s start with the first month…survival mode HAHA! Survival mode is the best way to describe the first few weeks of becoming a parent. Coming home was such an amazing feeling! We were able to relax with no nurses or doctors coming into the room. We introduced the baby to the dog, which the dog just wanted a treat and acted like the baby had always been in the house…silly dog! In the hospital Olivia was jaundice and required photo light therapy. When we got home, she was still jaundiced, and we made sure to get her indirect sunlight. Her skin was not super yellow, but to be safe we continued to use indirect sunlight. I was severely jaundice as a baby, so we wanted to make sure Olivia would not have any issues from being jaundice. At her first pediatrician appointment, she weighed 4lbs 15oz. I had a momma gut feeling that she was more jaundice than she looked. I asked the pediatrician if we could have another blood test. The pediatrician did not see a need for another blood test since Olivia did not look very yellow, but I insisted on having one done…..always trust the momma instinct! I am very glad I had her levels tested because they were pretty high and we ended up doing another one 2 days later to make sure they were going down. We gave her pumped milk between nursing to help hydrate her and we monitored her alertness during this time. By the next test, her levels had dropped drastically! The first week was us adjusting to her being home and getting in a routine. With the pandemic, we did not do much outside of the home for the first month (other than walks around the neighborhood). We wanted to prevent her from being sick in general with her small size. My husband returned to work after 2 weeks of paternity leave. After he returned to work, we slowly let family and close friends meet her. We were super careful who was around her for the first couple of months, until she was bigger and stronger. By 2 weeks old, she was back up to her birth weight! She wore preemie clothes until she was almost 1.5 months old….tiny girl! She has steadily grown and stayed in the 5th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. From the time we brought her home, she has loved tummy time. The first few weeks, if she was fussy, all she needed was some tummy time to make her happy! She grew a lot in the first month! At her 1-month appointment she was weighing 6lbs 10oz! She was hitting every milestone and we were loving every minute of watching her grow! She started babbling and had also started smiling. The first time I put her in newborn clothes, I remember looking at her little preemie clothes and being proud (and a little sad) that she was growing so quickly! She had become more playful and loved being outside! Watching her little sassy, playful, and loving personality develop is such a joy. By two months, she was intentionally smiling. She was imitating our facial expressions (super hilarious to watch her try when she could not make the full expression), she wanted to live in tummy time, she was grabbing at her toys, and had amazing head control. The pediatrician, at her 2-month appointment, said she was meeting every milestone of a 4-month-old, except rolling. She had even hit the milestone of a poop explosion so big, the outfit made it into the trash, and she went into the bathtub (HAHA). Prior to this appointment, she had already rolled twice from back to front. The final part of the 4th trimester, the 3rd month, I think has been the most rewarding when it comes to watching her develop. She is rolling from tummy to back, she is way more active, and smiles way too much! She knows how to use her dimples when she smiles, and she is way more talkative! She is very curious and always wants to be involved in what we are doing. This little miracle can light up a room with her little smile! We could not be more in love with her.

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