We have reached the final stages of pregnancy….I can’t believe we are already here. The first trimester of pregnancy felt like time took forever to pass. This last trimester seems to have flown by….So much has happened in the last couple of weeks. We finalized a due date/induction date and got everything ready for little miss to arrive. The high-risk doctor felt it was best to deliver at 38 weeks. This is due to her smaller size….which I know sounds crazy, why wouldn’t they want her to grow more before arriving? Well, they would take her out sooner vs later because she has a better chance of growth outside at this point. She is not growing as much as she should in a 2-week time frame. Little miss is still sitting in the 4th percentile for weight. This is more than likely due to genetics; we keep calling ourselves the runt family HAHA!  (even our dog is a runt)…. At her last weigh in (36 weeks), she was weighing a whopping 4lbs 10 ounces, I think we might have a heavy weight champ on our hands LOL! At that appointment, it was determined that she would make her grand entrance at 38 weeks. It doesn’t help that there isn’t much room for her to grow in my belly. She had already dropped at this point so yay for that! She also was attempting to wiggle down further for her big entrance. At 36 weeks and 5 days we had an appointment with the OB who advised I was already dilated and effaced! Teeny nugget was also at head station -2 and engaged! This was all wonderful news since we possibly would be needing an induction and any progress helps! As far as labor plan, our OB is just the absolute best ever. She is super supportive of what we want and listens to our concerns. She is also super pro doula….which made us super excited since we have a doula! Our plan is to attempt an unmedicated birth, now with induction I know there will be medication to get the process started. Our OB and Doula have given lots of helpful tips on natural induction to attempt that before medication. We are using their advice to hopefully naturally induce, but we all know babies do what they want! As of now, we do not have many days to make that happen. Our induction date is scheduled for the second week of August…….so next week! Crazy we will have a baby in our arms that soon. Getting an induction means COVID testing and other protocols that aren’t in place for a natural process. I talked to my OB about the testing and the rest of the process before I decided to take the test or not…..YES you can decline the test. After talking with my OB, it was determined I would take the test prior to induction. We will call my OB Dr.B for the remainder of the posts. Dr.B is awesome and I will do what she needs to make this process as smooth as possible.

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