Due to Olivia’s small size, it was determined to induce labor at 38 weeks by our maternal fetal medicine doctor. I had not done much research on medical induction, even though I knew it was a strong possibility for us. I was pretty set on natural induction…………no shock, this little lady is stubborn like her momma and did not naturally induce. I trust Dr.B so I did not research medical induction and just let her do her thing. I knew the basic process and she explained enough that I felt ready as I could be to make this happen. We arrived to the hospital the night before the induction to get a cervical ripening agent, to make the process hopefully go smoother. Our Doula, “Ali”, was on call in case we started going into labor before the next morning. Let me just say sleeping on a labor and delivery bed, connected to monitors is not comfortable. I still had not progressed with labor in the morning, so they started me on Pitocin. They increased my dose of Pitocin every hour. After 7 hours of labor, 1 minute long contractions and 2 minutes between contractions, it was determined to break my water. I had only progressed 1 cm in that 7 hours. My water bag and position of Olivia were preventing her from dropping fully. As soon as my water broke, it was game time. Olivia decided she wanted to be sunny side up, so I had the joys of experiencing back labor. After 2.5 hours of back labor, I still had not progressed past 3 cm dilated. My body was not relaxing enough for labor to progress and I was in a ton of pain. I started throwing up and my body needed some relief. I decided to get an epidural. This was not something I wanted, but I labored without it the point I felt it was needed and I am at peace with the decision to get one. The epidural lasted for about 10 minutes before I could feel everything again…….except my legs. I knew there was a possibility for the epidural to not work. The nurse came in and provide me another dose of the epidural medicine. The medicine only numbed my legs more and did not provide relief for my back contractions. After an hour of the epidural not being as effective as it should be. I asked for the nurse to come back in and the nurse was asked to check my progression. In one hour, I went from 3cm dilated to 10 cm dilated (that would explain why it was so painful and I was not getting relief between contractions). Not only was I 10 cm dilated, I was also almost ready to push. Dr.B was called……the labor and delivery room quickly transformed into delivery mode. I all of the sudden had a huge rush of adrenaline….I was going to meet my baby very soon! All of the sudden the pains started going away and I was solely focused on getting into pushing mode. Dr.B arrived and I began pushing. I chose side laying for pushing (I pushed on my left side). I pushed through 3 contractions on my left side and Olivia was crowning. Due to her positioning, I was rotated on my back to prevent tearing and allow her a better position to come out. I rotated to my back and my husband was relieved of leg holding duty to catch Olivia as she came out. Yes…..they let him catch our daughter as she arrived into the world! He was the very first person to hold her when she made her grand entrance…..back to pushing….I pushed for 3 more contractions (less than 20 min of pushing) and Olivia was here! She was crying, beautiful, and it was the most amazing moment for us. My husband placed her on my stomach and came around to cut the umbilical cord. We opted for delayed cord clamping. My husband cut the cord and I got a very short skin to skin moment with her. Due to her having intrauterine growth restriction, they needed to weigh her right away. I told the nurses to give her to my husband right away for some skin to skin since she was not ready to eat and so Dr.B could finish up with me. They handed Olivia to my husband and he sat in a chair next to me….he was having some daddy bonding skin to skin with her. My placenta was delivered and almost immediately the tone in the room changed. My husband was pushed to the back of the room with our doula. All of the sudden multiple nurses entered the room. I was confused and Dr.B said there was more bleeding than expected but it was ok. I began getting very shaky and cold. Ali was going back and forth between my husband and I. She was helping him with our newborn and rubbing my head to help keep me calm. I was so confused about what was going on, but I knew it was not good. I kept looking at Dr.B and she continued to tell me “I have you, you are going to be okay”. I remember everything but it still feels surreal and like a dream. I heard Dr.B say she was calling a code hemorrhage. I will not go into full detail about all of this, if you want to know please reach out to me and ask. I do not mind sharing my full experience, it is just too much to type. My hemorrhage was classified as a code 3, which is the highest level of hemorrhage on the delivery floor. Dr.B inserted an intrauterine balloon to make my uterus clot. I am pretty sure they gave me every clotting medication in the books. They couldn’t find a vein to insert a catheter in for a blood transfusion. At one point they could not get a blood pressure read or find a pulse. I remember hearing them say the weight of blood loss was equal to 1800cc of blood. I remember looking over at my husband and wondering how he was going to raise our baby alone. Dr.B looked at me and said if I did not start clotting they were going to have to remove my uterus. Honestly I don’t care, just save my life so I can be there for my baby. Luckily my uterus started clotting…they were able to get an IV catheter inserted….and I was able to start my blood transfusion. I received 2 units of blood and I finally got to hold my baby skin to skin. I try to be light-hearted about it all, but it was by far the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Ali described the hemorrhage by saying it looked like I was attacked by a velociraptor…… I honestly was not sure if I was going to see my baby grow up. Due to the hemorrhage, I was not able to produce colostrum right away, so we started on a bottle with formula. I was honestly not sure if I would produce anything at all after a hemorrhage that severe. My colostrum came in the next day and I have been producing milk which is more than I expected. I call Olivia my little peanut butter cup. She was 5lbs 10oz when she arrived (almost half a pound larger than I expected her to be). She was so perfect in my arms. She also slept through them drawing my blood and monitoring me. I had to sleep that first night….I say sleep but I did not sleep….wearing a blood pressure cuff and unable to get out of bed. I had the intrauterine balloon inflated in my uterus for 12 hours to force clotting. After 12 hours, the balloon was slowly drained and then removed. The intrauterine balloon caused my body to continue having contractions. They gave me some pain medicine as soon as the room had cleared from nursing staff, but I could still feel the contractions and opted to not have any more medicine. The balloon removal the following day was such a relief. Dr.B was amazing during all of this. She kept me reassured I was going to be fine and stayed calm. The hospital staff was super amazing. Our doula, Ali, was awesome. She stayed with us until I was stable and helped my husband with our newborn. She went above and beyond being there with us during that time. The nurses kept sitting with me trying to keep me calm and they all continued to check on me the next day. I was not moved to post-partum recovery until the following day, late afternoon. I was finally able to walk, which felt more amazing than you could imagine. I was able to hold my baby freely and change a diaper. My husband was the best during the first 24 hours, still is LOL, but that first 24 hours where I was unable to care for our newborn…..he did everything. He fed her, changed her diaper, dressed her, woke up with her, brought her to me for skin to skin, helped me latch her….I could not have asked for a better partner. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful OB, awesome doula, fantastic hospital staff, and such a freaking wonderful husband. That day will forever stay with me and my husband….BUT it was all worth it for our precious miracle baby Olivia.

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