For many reasons, we have decided to use a nanny. I have had a bit of anxiety with the thought of trusting someone to watch Olivia in general, let alone someone we don’t know. We worked so hard for this, but we both work and knew we would eventually need someone to watch teeny mini waffle while we were at work. We changed our schedules, so we would both have better hours. We also alternated days off, so we would only need someone for 4 days a week instead of 5. I was nervous we would not be able to find someone willing to work weekends and holidays (since we work both….holidays are not a guarantee we will work, but weekends are). That being said, it is obvious why we can’t use a daycare. Daycares are not open on weekends, but to top it off daycares where we live are not open before our workday starts. I have also heard too many horror stories from daycares, I know this is also true for a nanny. We just feel more comfortable with a nanny vs daycare. There are other reasons that had us decide on a nanny, but these are the main reasons. I decided to use to find our nanny (I am not affiliated with the website nor do I receive any perks from sharing the website). We decided to pay for 3 months of using the website since it might take a while for us to find someone with the hours we work. Initially, we had excluded teenagers since we wanted someone with enough experience that made us comfortable. We had our job posted for a couple of weeks with no promising leads. We were wanting to find someone sooner, so we could bond with them prior to Olivia arriving and prior to them being our full-time nanny. We decided to open the job to teenagers too. I did some searching and sent out about 20 messages to people who seemed to possibly fit our position. Out of those 20, we got 2 replies that said they could meet our schedule needs. All of the others could not work the days/hours we needed, or were not comfortable with dogs (we have a doggo so that is a must), or for other reasons could not take the job…..Out of those 2, I replied to the first YES response we had. I asked her if she could Facetime interview that same evening…..we will call her Miss M for the rest of the post. She was younger than we initially wanted, but she had a lot of experience and had a 100% rehire rate. There were a few other things we really liked about her profile. Miss M agreed to an interview that evening…….well we started the facetime… I assumed it would maybe be a 30 min conversation and then we would discuss how we felt after. I was WRONG! We ended up talking for an hour…….an HOUR! We instantly felt at ease with her. She was a sweetheart and we kind of knew she was going to be our nanny right away. We hung and had decided we would all take time to figure out if this was the right fit……well we did not even discuss it, we just said yup she is it! Within 15 minutes, she had already told us that she would accept the job! Now, we needed to meet in person to be 100% sure that this would be final. So, we set a date and met Miss M. She was just as sweet in person and we could tell she already cared about our teeny mini waffle. We gave her a tour of where she would work and discussed how we would want things to go with our little one. Miss M made us feel so comfortable and she was 100% the right choice for us! Olivia is one lucky little mini waffle! We are blessed to have found her so soon and to have someone that we can already tell will care for our mini waffle! All of the anxiety I had about finding someone is gone and most of my mommy anxiety is gone….that may never 100% go away since she is our precious miracle.

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