We have had a few appointments since our last update. We are to the point where we have two appointments a week. Olivia had dropped into the 4th percentile for weight but was still growing so she continued to cook. During this pandemic, my husband has not been allowed at appointments. We were shocked at this since we are around each other anyways at home. We also must respect the office rules and knew we had to make these appointments. Since this is policy, I go to each appointment alone hoping for good news. I am not allowed to video any of the appointment and am not allowed to facetime him either. This has been extremely difficult. When I heard she had dropped into the 4th percentile for weight, all I wanted to do was look over to my husband for comfort. I was not allowed that opportunity. I had to sit through the remainder of the appointment without him there, just hoping for good news in the end. In the end they said she could keep cooking since she was still growing. Which was good news, but still scary since she had dropped in weight percentile again. I was advised this meant weekly checks on the baby. We would have a growth scan every 2 weeks and on the opposite weeks, they would check her blood flow. I would also have a weekly non-stress test to make sure she is not in distress. This was a lot to take in since my husband was not there with me. I know I am not the only one experiencing this. I know that other mommas are going through the same thing. Even though I am aware of that, I sometimes can still feel alone in the moment since I am at the appointment alone. As soon as I am done with an appointment, I immediately call my husband with an update and facetime him with the ultrasound pics. The appointment after the 4th percentile, Olivia had jumped back up to the 6th percentile! YAY! Teeny nugget is growing! Thank you to a friend of mine, I now cannot stop calling her my mini waffle lol. Her blood flow has continued to be wonderful. Her organs are all functioning ahead of schedule. My non-stress tests have all been good! Our mini waffle stayed in the 6th percentile for two growth scans in a row! Teeny Olivia sure is a fighter and continues to show that she is a feisty teeny nugget. She is constantly moving like crazy now too. I am not sure an hour (other than when I am sleeping) passes where she is not moving…..I think this means we will have our hands full HAH! As long as she continues on a steady growth curve, we will meet her in about 3 weeks! I cannot believe she is almost here….in a few short weeks, we will be holding our precious miracle baby. Oh let me also add that she apparently has a ton of hair….I never thought my kid would have hair, let alone enough for the ultrasound techs to tell me I need a brush LOL! Olivia is preparing for her entrance into the world and we could not be more excited!

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