Planning for little peanut to arrive has not been what we expected it would be. A pandemic broke out and now people are afraid to hug, let alone attend a baby shower. Originally, the baby shower’s (family/friend) were planed for last month. That was all changed due to social distancing and stay at home orders. We refuse to not celebrate all the hard work that went into making this tiny human. We will not let this pandemic win….or at least we are pretty determined to not let it win. There was a lot of discussion about whether the shower needed to be virtual or cancelled. That was very hard for me to process since we have been excited to celebrate our hard work and Olivia. Our house already has baby stuff in the main area and the nursey is coming together. We are ready for baby to take over the entire house!

We really did not want to have a virtual baby shower if possible. To prevent that, we pushed the baby shower’s back a month. We assumed by June things would improve and people would feel more comfortable attending a shower. We are both still working, so for us being exposed is not as big of an issue. For others, we understand not wanting to be exposed. We decided on smaller showers and, of course, it would be optional for those who do not feel safe enough to attend (showers are optional anyways haha but we wanted to make sure people knew we understood that there is still a lot of unknown with the pandemic, so if they felt safer not attending to keep themselves safe!). We decided to have both events at our house, which makes it easier for gifts because then I do not have to transport anything! This also allows everyone a chance to see the nursery! Since it will be at our house, we will of course disinfect after the shower is over and take precautions as needed. I am excited to say that some people want to attend in person to celebrate little miss!


Well…….since I initially typed this post things have changed. The family shower had 9 people in attendance and had some wonderful decorations. My mother-in-law and aunt did so much more than I expected to make the day special….they even made their competition chili (which is insanely delicious). The friend shower, that also included my sisters (about 20 people) was scheduled the following Saturday. I was super excited about it! For the showers, my only request was to see people and hang out (&& have my MIL make her award-winning chili for the family shower). I did not care about playing games or having decorations. I wanted to show off my baby bump, let people feel Olivia’s precious kicks, and just celebrate all the hard work that went into making her. I know the baby showers were small, but it was going to be a wonderful celebration and a small baby shower is better than none (at least that is how I felt). We worked so hard to get to this point and sharing it all with our close friends and family has been something that was taken from us by a pandemic. Few people have gotten to see my baby bump and even fewer have been able to feel her precious movements. The joy those little kicks bring is insane…until she kicks my hip bone or organs mega hard and then maybe not so much joy lol…but back to the baby showers…

The week of our friend shower, my husband, while at work, had a direct exposure to the coronavirus. This meant cancelling the baby shower. Since we have no clue how he could be affected by the virus or his exposure level, it was best to change the shower to a virtual baby shower. This moment I had waited years for is not going to be what we expected. Things happen though and the only direction to move is forward.

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