Little teeny peanut is growing and there are some updates since the last blog post. Our teeny Olivia is currently 6th percentile for weight. Her organs are all developing ahead of schedule which is awesome! Her brain is developed 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!…..A tiny smarty pants…. The doctors will start to monitor her growth a little more since she is under 10th percentile. They were slightly concerned since she was 16th percentile and in 2 weeks dropped to the 6th percentile. The doctors think she will just be a tiny little nugget, but she needs to be monitored extra to be safe. We will now have weekly scans to monitor her growth and to make sure she does not drop below the 5th percentile. After speaking with our OB, it looks like no matter what if we do not naturally go into labor at week 37 then I will be induced. If Olivia gets to 5th percentile or lower, we will discuss immediate induction with our OB/High-Risk doctor. They will try to keep her cooking for as long as possible. She is moving like crazy now and that is a little weird. I feel like I have an alien inside of me HAH! She likes to kick and stretch. Most of her movements are intentional now, so they are not as jerky feeling. I still get a good startle when she moves toward my hip bones. Olivia has been head down and in position for over 6 weeks now and is just hanging out until her arrival!

Exercise update…

Exercise is very important for pregnancy…I have been lucky enough to maintain a regular exercise routine. Some women are unable to due to bed rest or medical complications. Having experienced infertility, it made me more hesitant to exercise when pregnant because I had a fear it would ruin the pregnancy. This however is not the case. Exercise benefits the pregnancy, this is momma and baby. Exercise helps the baby develop (brain included!). I enjoy exercise and I knew I would not be able to go without exercise during an entire pregnancy. I work 4 days a week. On my work days, I exercise in the work parking lot. I get to work and walk 1.5 miles and do a small workout. I usually do 100 squats, 60 wall pushups, 60 oblique exercises (I change up which exercise based on my mood), 75 calf raises, and a few other smaller exercises. When I get home from work, I walk 3.1 miles. On my off days, I walk 3.1 miles in the morning and 3.1 miles in the afternoon. I like to stay active and on my feet. I sometimes do other exercises and I try to walk as much as I can anyways, typically I take 15,000-20,000 steps per day.

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