This year is my first Mother’s Day where I have a baby on the way, continuing to grow strong on my tummy. I have protected my feelings on Mother’s Day by over celebrating everyone in my life who has had the honor of being a mother. It has focused my attention on the positive aspects of Mother’s Day, instead of me being sad that I was dealing with infertility. Everyone who has experienced infertility copes in a different way, and that was my way of coping. Mother’s Day is to celebrate all the mothers AND those who have struggled to become a mother. Not all mothers have a baby to hold to celebrate this day….some mothers have their babies frozen waiting to be in their warm womb….other mothers have lost their baby….and then there are those who have struggled so hard for so little, not being able to get pregnant even with fertility treatments. Not all women experience a pregnancy or miscarriage with fertility treatments….it is not a 100% guarantee, just like anything else in life. Today I want to honor those who have struggled for motherhood. It is a quite different experience to motherhood when you have had to seek fertility treatments, have surgeries, give yourself countless injections, and all with no guarantee.

I can’t believe that I am here, able to say I have a tiny human growing in my tummy, and we will meet her in August. We are so blessed to have a successful round of IVF. Words can’t describe how we are feeling right now!

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