The day we were 24 weeks…..I had made my cute bumpdate post and I had added to it that if little miss came that day, she would have a 60% chance of survival outside of the womb. How amazing is it that babies can survive outside of the womb that small and underdeveloped…thank you science! I am still working, so I was almost at the end of my work day. I went to the bathroom and noticed some bright red blood. It was not a lot, but any amount can cause fear and panic. I immediately called my OB office and advised them what was going on. They advised that I should go to labor and delivery to get checked. I know the Rhogam shot lasts about 12 weeks and we were a little over 14 weeks since I had the injection. My mind immediately started thinking of every possibility that could happen at the hospital. Luckily my husband is wonderful and kept me calm while I drove to meet him at the hospital. Our OB office is in the atrium at the hospital, so our on-call doctor did not need to travel far. My husband and I got our temp check at the door before heading up to labor and delivery. When we got to the labor and delivery unit, we got checked in and got a bed. The nurse came in to get my information and to put a monitor on my belly to monitor Olivia. At first, she was no locating the heartbeat with the monitor. It had been a little over an hour since I felt baby movement…this could have been because I was focused on other things like getting checked by the doctor. I had felt a kick right before the monitor was placed on my tummy but I was still nervous. I told the nurse that little peanut was positioned very low, she moved the monitor a little lower and BOOM peanuts mega strong heartbeat. Little Olivia does not like her space being messed with……she may or may not have my attitude LOL….she began kicking the monitor non-stop. By this time, the bleeding had stopped, and I was just waiting to make sure there was nothing to worry about. I was also placed on a contraction monitor to make sure I was not having any contractions. We were advised they were going to do an exam and determine what would happen from there. The doctor came in, not our normal doctor, but it was a doctor with our clinic and did an exam. The doctor advised she had no concerns and the exam was clear. I was not having contractions and Olivia was doing great! No signs of labor and baby was kickin it in my tummy…..we got to go home! I was advised to take 2 days of no exercise and to rest/relax for 2 days. That is going to be hard for me, but I can do it for the baby! We went home and relaxed for the evening. Baby Olivia has been kicking non-stop since we got checked……reassuring momma that she is just fine relaxing in my tummy!

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