Our little stink is officially 24 weeks baked and if she decides to make an appearance, she has over a 50% chance of surviving (right now 60% chance and with each day that number increases). I am in awe that this tiny tiny human could survive without me protecting her in my womb. Between 20 weeks and now there have not been a ton of updates or changes. Olivia is moving a lot more now! We officially had out first labor and delivery test run…..I will have another post to detail that. I had an appointment with my high-risk doctor (and my OB) during this time frame. Olivia is still growing on track, now 16th percentile for weight…..tiny peanut. She is a healthy little peanut. Olivia is already head down and facing my back….getting into position for her arrival. She is positioned very low, and she likes to keep her feet by her chin (there is no way that can be comfy…right?!? HAH). Her brain development is not 66th percentile and she is not having any complications from me being RH- at this time!

Baby kicks:

I felt her move for the first time at 18 weeks and 2 days (I forgot to include that in the 20-week update). I was lying in bed about to go to sleep……and boom for sure knew little miss was moving inside of my tummy! After everything we have gone through to make her, it was one of the best moments of my life (mommas…I already know just wait until we meet/hold her ? and I can’t wait for that moment). For a few days, I could only feel the movements at night when I was relaxed. That was until 6 days later when I was able to feel her move during the day for the first time. At 20 weeks, I could feel her move on the outside of my stomach. That is pretty weird and made me feel like I was growing an alien. Her daddy felt her move for the first time at 21 weeks (on the day we were 21 weeks). That was so amazing…seeing his face light up with joy when he got to feel her moving. It was so much better seeing him feel her vs when I got to feel her. I got so much joy/happiness from him being that happy. The following day, we got to see her move. Super neat and wonderful, but also weird HAHA. It is so insane that the teeny human in my belly has enough strength to move my stomach. Feeling/seeing her move is so rewarding and reassuring when I start having any doubts about her being ok in my tummy. She is moving too much for the at home doppler now…HAHA….she literally runs away from the doppler (such a sinker).

The anxiety of something going wrong can still take over and the second she starts to move, it all goes away.

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