20 weeks = half baked

We are now 20 weeks pregnant….HALF BAKED! We have had a few more appointments since the last update. Some appointments have only been for blood work and others have been a full check up on little bean. So far little miss Olivia is growing like she should! At 16 weeks, her brain development and organ development were all on schedule. She was a tiny peanut, weighing in at the 40th percentile (height and weight)! Her brain development has been sitting around 57th percentile….smarty pants already lol! All blood work has come back with good results too which means the risk of in utero anemia is lowered! With our 20-week scan, it was not like a normal pregnancy where you get a special anatomy scan, since every ultrasound we have is a full anatomy scan. So, I entered the building with all the new protocols. Luckily there is parking for expectant mothers only in an outdoor parking lot that is near the entrance to the building. At every entrance they do a temperature check and ask a series of questions. I made it to the office, where now they are doing check in outside of the main office door. They did a second temperature check and I entered the office to wait. This time it was weird since my husband could not be at the appointment. The office did not allow video of the ultrasound and I was not allowed to facetime him during the ultrasound. She is so big now that she can’t be seen in one picture. She was moving like crazy! She was sucking her thumb and playing with her umbilical cord. She is now 17th percentile for weight….little tiny peanut! The doctors are not concerned since she is developing on track! Her brain development was at the 55th percentile! She is doing fantastic and thriving! It is hard to believe we are at the half-way point in this pregnancy! I wondered if we would ever make it to this point……Now that we are here it doesn’t always seem real and it sometimes feels like a dream. We can’t wait to meat Miss Olivia.   

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