The doctor behind the bump… Dr. Erika Munch!

After the blood test, I occupied my time by getting some food and going to target….I mean who doesn’t love to wonder around target?!?!? As I was walking into target, I saw the name of our clinic pop up on my phone with an incoming phone call. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the moment…this was it….AHHHHHHHH …..ok relax to answer the phone. I was so nervous….and my husband was at home thinking it would be a while longer before we got the results (I may have told him it takes a little longer for the results so I could surprise him with it). Sooooo I answered the phone and my assigned nurse tells me my blood work came back. She began to explain that anything over a 5 meant we are pregnant, and they usually expect between 5-100 to be the level at that time. ……ahhh ok ok, I mean who cares HAHA I just want an answer here. I was so nervous I didn’t even register that she told me my levels were 330!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO we are OFFICIALLY PREGNANT! No matter what happened after this, it was a huge accomplishment to make it to this point. We knew we were going to have another blood test in 2 days. That wait was a little less patient since we wanted to know if the little tadpole was growing and our levels were increasing. SOOOOO 2 days later it is again time for more blood work. This time my HCG levels were 1,176! YAY little tadpole is growing! It was still going to be a couple of weeks before we get to see the little tadpole and see that everything was ok. For those who have not struggled with infertility, I can tell you the worry is so much different. Waking up wondering if we were still pregnant and not really knowing. We just had to wait for the next blood test and the next steps in the process. We impatiently awaited our 3rd blood test. We kept the test results a secret from everyone at this point, because your anxiety gets the best of you. We wanted to make sure we were going to stay pregnant a little longer before telling anyone. So a week later we had blood test #3. Waiting for these results was easier but we knew this would determine if we would share the results with our immediate family. This time my HCG levels had increased to 14,332! YAY! Still a growing little tadpole. We called my sisters and let them know they were going to be aunts! As far as my husband’s family goes, we decided to surprise them since we were seeing them in a few days and I liked the idea of telling them in person. We surprised them at Christmas with the news! What an amazing Christmas gift for us and our families.

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