Our little tadpole turned into a jellybean… We got to see our little jellybean at 6 weeks and 5 days for the first time. Nothing can explain that moment…..The excitement and cautious fears as you move forward. We had a little scare 2 days before the ultrasound, it ended up that it was just a small rupture outside of the yolk sac. My blood type is O-, this means we are RH- and anything after 7 weeks meant we would need to get a RhoGam shot, which my husband likes to call a “gamma rays shot” HAHA. Everything was great at the ultrasound! Little jellybean’s heart rate was 174!!!!! At this point we called her little jellybean because we were not ready to call her by her name or anything else. We used her weekly size to come up with nicknames, but jellybean ended up sticking! We had another ultrasound 2 weeks later and continued weekly blood work to test the progesterone and estrogen levels. Our ultrasound at 8 weeks and 5 days was so different than the first ultrasound. Now jellybean looked like a baby! We could see legs and arms forming. Jellybean was also moving a ton, kind of weird since I could not feel any of it. Little bean was in there just having the time of her life. That following week we had another scare, luckily our doctor is super calm and got us in that morning to check everything. This was that following Friday, which we did get to see jellybean again and that was so nice, but scary at the same time. It turned out I had another small rupture, this time since I was past 7 weeks, it was determined I would get the RhoGam shot to be safe. So, we went to the pharmacy and got the shot. The RhoGam shot, for those who are not RH- and do not know, is to prevent antibodies that mom produces from hurting the fetus. Normally, the shot is given at week 28 of pregnancy and again, if needed, after birth. This is unless there are other circumstances that deem it necessary to get the shot earlier. Well, I was ok with getting it because now baby and I were protected. We officially got transferred to my normal OBGYN at week 11, on the day we were 11 weeks. We had another ultrasound and little miss was in there moving around like crazy still and still growing. At this point, we decided it was time to share the news with extended family and grandparents. We also told them the gender and started using her name. Little Olivia is officially on the way and we were almost out of the first trimester. We decided we would do our full announcement on Valentine’s Day, after we were out of the danger zone…AKA after week 12. Now the secret is out…… We are pregnant with a baby GIRL!

This baby is our rainbow baby and she was worth the wait. Even though, I feel like these terms are now used for any pregnancy. I have seen many people say their baby was a rainbow baby…..or it was worth the wait. Do those of us, who have struggled getting pregnant or had pregnancy loss a favor and leave it for those who mean it and struggled for it. Both sayings are meant to symbolize the wait and journey when you have struggled to have a baby or have had a pregnancy loss.

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