It is so hard to not be over excited during this process. We are overjoyed with our embryo news and overjoyed to have so many embryos that are healthy! Our household is full of happy, excited, and a lot of cautious optimism. It is so weird knowing the gender of your future baby, “BB Stone”! It is also weird seeing pictures of our embryos and they are not inside of my body. It is hard to explain, but we are nesting before being pregnant. We feel like parents, and yes we technically are parents to embryos….but they are not baking inside of me. It is such a weird feeling. We feel like parents and want to celebrate like parents. We want to start nesting and getting the baby room ready. “BB Stone” is currently surviving the ice age, so we can get a lot done in this extra time we have! We decided to clear out the future baby room and get it ready for when a baby does occupy it! Being hopeful and positive about the process has been so helpful for us! It helps reduce stress and cleaning out the room is a huge stress reliever. I am not sure if I can better explain our feelings, we feel there is a baby already on the way. It is so crazy! Our baby is in a petri dish as a full blastocyst, just frozen……hmmm I wonder if that will make our baby not like the cold?!?! HAHA! We have cleared out the baby room and began painting! I wanted to be part of the painting process at least one time, if this transfer is not successful….we can always repaint! If it makes us happy, then we are doing it! Staying positive and having good vibes in our house! We will not be doing anything more than cleaning, clearing out the room, and painting. Now we wait for transfer day! (this entire process is a huge waiting game….)

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