Our 7 embryos…plus our little mosaic embryo!

The long-awaited week is over! We got the results before it had been a week! I saw the number for the lab pop up on my phone and I was a little confused because it was 2 days sooner than we thought we would get the call! As I answered the phone, I was so nervous and anxious. Would we have any good embryos, or would we only have 1?!? We had played all scenarios out in our heads while waiting for this phone call…..but it was time for our answers and we were trying to stay positive. I answered the phone and the embryologist said the genetic testing results were here! She proceeded to tell me that we have 7 good embryos! 7!!!! WOO HOO!!! That was such awesome news! We had one embryo that was abnormal and one embryo that was low mosaic. The abnormal embryo was deemed not compatible with life due to the gene mutation. The low mosaic embryo will stay frozen as a possible transfer if we need it. A mosaic embryo is an embryo that had both normal and abnormal cells. There are high and low mosaic embryos. A low mosaic embryo means the cells tested had more normal cells than abnormal. A high mosaic means the cells tested had more abnormal cells than normal. The cells biopsied and tested are from the outer layer of the embryo. Since our mosaic embryo was low mosaic, it will be kept frozen with the others! The embryologist then asked if we wanted to know the gender of each embryo. We had decided, prior to receiving that phone call, that we wanted to know how many of each gender we had. We had decided we would find out how many of each, because if we had only one or 2 of one gender, we would want to save those in case our first transfer is not successful. The embryologist said we had 4 female embryos and 3 male embryos! YAY! That is what we were hoping for! The only embryo we asked about was the mosaic embryo. We were told the mosaic embryo was a male. Other than that, we had no clue what gender any other embryo was. So, we thought about it and chose the best embryo! We had a few that were the same grade, and all had good chances of working. We picked one of our day 5 “BB” embryo’s. We were advised that was our best chance of a pregnancy! We had contacted our nurse at our clinic and after a lot of discussion we had our “BB Stone”. So, it is chosen and now we had to discuss if we wanted to know the gender now, right before the transfer, or after the transfer. We both had our guesses of what the gender was, but did we want to know now?!? After a lot of discussing, we decided we wanted to know! We were nervous and excited. My husband wanted me to take the phone off of speakerphone, because he wanted to hear the gender from me……UHHHH my poker face is not that good HAH! We called the embryologist back and we got the news! It is …………….. A SECRET! HAHA! Sorry, but this is staying a secret until we know if it is a successful transfer that will result in a successful pregnancy. Now we are in the waiting time before our transfer and we are being as patient as we can be! We are so excited and so happy we have 7 healthy embryos! We are calling our future baby “BB Stone”, thanks to one of my besties for giving us that nickname! (BB Stone was nicknamed because it was a grade “BB”) Stay tuned for more updates on the process…..