The embryo life is the life for us!

We have waited a week… has felt like such a long week….it felt like FOREVER! The day is finally here, all of this hard work and we are going to find out how many embryos we have being genetically tested and how many survived the petri dish process! We left off on day 3, where we had 22 possible embryos. Day 4 there was no update, but day 5 is an important update/day. That is the first day we could have ready to freeze embryos! When they embryos are ready to freeze, they are at the blastocyst stage. The blastocyst stage has 3 phases. The final phase is the hatching blastocyst phase, where the embryo is ready for biopsy and freezing. We had told ourselves that we would be lucky if we got 1 good embryo. Some women do not get any embryos and some only get 1-3 embryos (while others can have a lot of embryos). Anything more than 1 embryo and we would count our blessings. Day 5 we got the call and we had 3 embryos ready to freeze! WOO HOO! We are officially parents of embryos! The embryologist told us the grading of our embryos. Two of the embryos were a “BB” grade and one was a “CC” grade. Don’t ask me about the grading and how they are graded, because I do not know how. I know the first half is the grading of the inner cells and the second grading is for the outer cells. We were told by the embryologist that 7 of the embryos stopped progressing after day 3. These embryos are very unlikely to progress any further and this meant, other than the 3 embryos we officially had, that we had 12 left that could be embryos. Luckily, we did not need to wait long for our next update, since it would be the next day. Day 6 was here, and we got the call with our embryo update! We had 6 new embryos ready to freeze! That made a total of 9 official embryos! Holy Cow! How blessed are we?!?! The embryologist again shared the grading of our embryos. One embryo was graded “BB”, two embryos were graded “BC”, one embryo was graded “CB”, and two embryos were graded “CC”. As excited as we are to have 9 embryos at this stage, there was one more day left of updates. We were told that day 7 embryos are usually the last transferred, since statistically they have a lower chance of being successful. Day 7 came and there were no new embryos……………..sooooo we officially have 9 EMBRYOS! YAY!! We still have genetic testing that is being done. Genetic testing can label some of the embryos as non-viable embryos. We should get those results a week after the biopsy was sent off for testing. One of these embryos could be our little “Olivia Michelle” (nickname: Liv or Livi) or “Lucas Scott” (nickname: Luke)……….. stay tuned for the genetic testing update! WOO HOO for EMBRYOS!!!!!