Egg Retrieval Day! <3

The day is here…..EGG RETRIEVAL DAY!!! Woo hoo! So much work and preparation has gone into this day! I, of course, get ready for the morning…wearing my pineapple socks and our “waiting in hope” hoodie! …gotta make sure I am wearing all good luck stuff! We loaded up in the car and headed to the office. We needed to be there an hour early, so we gave ourselves 1.5 hours to get to the center (to make sure there was enough time with traffic). Our egg retrieval was in the morning. This meant no food or drink after midnight…..ugh I am a girl who gets HANGRY! HAHA! So, I ate as late as possible…totally worth a little less sleep. We ended up stuck in a lot of traffic and we were worried we would be late to the office, luckily, we made it in time. When we got to the building, we checked in at the main office before heading to the surgery center. When I got there one of the clinic employees (who was wearing matching socks with me for good luck!) had a sweet good luck set up for me! She had gotten me a coloring book, 2 good luck notes (that I am so hanging on the fridge and taking with me to transfers), and ICE CREAM! You can never go wrong with ice cream! So stinking sweet of her! After we checked in and got some pics wearing matching socks, we went to the surgical center. They took us back and started the prepping process. I got my IV and filled out paperwork. We met with the embryologist (who would be making our petri dish baby), with the anesthesiologist, and with our fertility doctor. Then it was time for me to be taken back and for my husband to go “drop the kids off” (courtesy of my friend who told me that HAHA). I was taken into the OR room and given the margarita mix…of course, I greeted the anesthesiologist by calling him my bartender HAHA! It was officially nap time for me! When I woke up, I got apple juice and graham crackers! (FINALLY!!! FOOD!!) While I was snacking and getting discharged, the lab with our future petri dish babies came to tell us we got 32 eggs! HOLY COW! That is a lot of eggs. We were told we would get updates on days 1, 3, and 5-7. By day 7 we will know how many embryos we have. For now, we knew we had 32 eggs that could potentially be fertilized the following day….. I have some superhero powers when it comes to waking up from anesthesia. I wake up like I just took a nice nap. Maybe I should come up with a superhero name for my powers?!? So, I walked myself out of the building, instead of taking the wheelchair down. On my way out, I had to poke my head into my clinic and let them know how many eggs we got….because WOO HOO.. we had so many eggs. We did some solid high fives and we left to head home. I was still hungry, so it was obviously necessary to get some donuts!! YUM! When we got home, my husband and dog took a nap….who had surgery today?!?!? HAH

A little information on the retrieval: When they do egg retrieval they use a needle that goes through the uterine wall and into the ovaries….I know this sounds insane, but it is how it is done. They extract the fluid from each follicle and most of the follicles will hopefully have an egg to be put into a petri dish. They take the eggs and let them sit over night before fertilizing them. This allows the eggs some “cooling off” time so they are not as stressed. The morning after the retrieval, we are told how many mature eggs we have that will be fertilized… stay tuned for an update on our petri dish babies!