Injections 3.0…October 2019

We are getting close to our egg retrieval!!! WOO HOO! My stomach has started to get sore and swollen/bloated. There has also been some minor bruising. I have lost track of how many times I have given myself a shot now….it become part of my daily routine. My husband gave me 2 of the injections I needed and it was great for him to be included. I can also feel my ovaries getting larger….like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. I was doing my ab workout the other day and I could really feel my ovaries. You know those stress ball animals, the eyes pop out when you squeeze it……..well it felt like that was happening inside of my ovaries with each sit up. I have had a couple of follow up appointments and I mentioned this to our doctor at our visit. She made sure to tell me no more ab workouts! NOOOOOOOO! Oh well, it is only for a little while! The doctor let me know that you can flip your ovaries….yes, that does sound super painful and we do not need that to happen (she did say ab workouts would not flip the ovaries, but friction could so to be careful and just walk/use the elliptical). I have about 20-27 follicles, but not all of them will end up with mature eggs. Are we trying to make a baby or a litter of puppies?!?!? I mean I am swollen enough to feel like I am having a litter…..HAHA! My stomach looks like someone inflated a balloon inside of it….so weird! We went for our last appointment before the egg retrieval and it looked like my ovaries were touching on the ultrasound, they were so huge! I did not think ovaries could get that big! We were told it is expected we will get 20-27 eggs and we will know that day how many of them are mature enough to be fertilized in the petri dish! Day 7 after the retrieval we will know how many embryos we have! This is the crazy scientific part of the process….the embryologist will take the egg and one single sperm in a petri dish, then put the sperm into the egg to make an embryo. In theory the embryologist will be the first babysitter of any future child we have….babysitting our little tiny embryos. We are hoping we end up getting 6-10 embryos, but we will see how that goes. For now, I am just glad my ovaries will be drained soon! Hopefully we have some good petri dish babies cooking soon! This journey is such an emotional rollercoaster of being cautiously hopeful. There are other emotions that you get along the way but being hopeful is one of the most difficult emotions. Right now, being hopeful is harder than ever. We want to be hopeful that we will have a lot of good grade embryos (yes they grade your embryos….that is for a later post), but it is so hard to be hopeful when there is no guarantee. The no 100% guarantee any of it will be successful. We may get amazing perfect grade embryos and still end up without a successful pregnancy (which with the advances in science is rare these days, but there is still that small possibility). So……being cautiously hopeful is the best way to think about it. We are hopeful we will get mature eggs and hopeful some will fertilize! One thing that helps with all of this is having an amazing doctor who is hopeful even when you are not. Our doctor is always hopeful she will help build your family! She is always smiling and happy/excited to see the progress. I love that our doctor is so optimistic because when we are having some moments of doubt/worry with the process, she makes us feel it will all work out in the end…..