The ghost of ovaries past
The ghost of ovaries past…………

It seems injections need more than one post since there are soooooooooooooo many of them (there are 5 injections leading up to egg retrieval for me, 2 of them are only one-time injections). It has been 4 days since the start of injections and the doctor likes to do a follow up ultrasound after 3 days of medication. The follow up is to make sure the follicles are properly growing….the follicles are kind of like a cocoon for the eggs until they turn into mature eggs….butterfly eggs…and fly out of the follicle. This also means we are going to start injection #2 if everything is looking good! The ultrasound revealed that we are on track and everything was looking good…..well except one egg that is trying to jump ship early! We have quite a few follicles growing, WOO HOO! I will continue to inject the first medication (at a lower dose) and now add the next injection, Menopur. Menopur is used to help stimulate follicles to grow! Menopur is an injection where you have to mix the liquid and powder to make the medicine…..MAGIC! I feel like I should be in a potions class in a Harry Potter movie mixing a baby potion! ………….If only the Sanderson sisters could come back and put a baby making spell on me using a spell from the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK (said like Winifred Sanderson)….anyone wanting to light the black flame candle?!?!? HAHA! I mean Halloween is only a couple of days away soooooooooo?!?! Anyways, I will do both injections at the same time (7-9pm). The 3rd  injection will be a morning injection, thankfully because 3 at a time is a lot to prep! The 3rd injection is also a powder/liquid that must be mixed. So far, the injections have not been difficult. It already seems routine to give myself shots, which is insane because I have not been doing it that long. I have learned though that I need to eat after the shots to prevent myself from feeling nauseated. Injection #2 was not much different from the first one, it just takes a little bit longer to prep for the shots.

Our clinic: Texas Fertility Center (San Antonio, Tx) with Dr. Erika Munch

A little update on the clinic we go to and feeling like it has become our 3rd home…..we have our actual home, our work home, and now our fertility clinic home. It is crazy, but the staff does become kind of like another family since you are there so often. We could not have asked for a better doctor or clinic staff/nurses. We always feel so welcome when we get there and everyone that works at the clinic is extremely supportive. Our doctor is AMAZING! When we have an ultrasound, she shows us the ultrasound and explains everything. During our ultrasound we had at our follow up appointment, she began examining the left ovary and the follicles. As soon as she began looking for follicles, the left ovary looked like something spooky (a skeleton face or ghost), so she printed us out this picture of my left ovary (how awesome is she for doing that for our blog)….The ghost of ovaries past….. (see picture attached to the top of the post)