As my husband says “Gotta go through the drama to be the momma”….

The box was delivered….the first 3 injections I would need! The box was HUGE…am I injecting a cow or myself? That honestly could not all be for me??? I opened the box and luckily most of it was filled with a cooler, since two of the injections needed to be refrigerated. PHEW! Now, am I ready for my stomach to look like it has been attacked by a beehive???? NOPE….but, it is worth it! My friend wanted to make sure I knew “you won’t look like a beehive, just a crackhead, but at least you get to cover it” HAHA ….I feel soooooo much better now! …The medications are delivered to your residence through a specialty pharmacy…super nice they just show up to the door! Some of them need to be kept cold and some can stay room temperature. Luckily, I have an amazing friend (a friend I have mentioned in earlier posts) who decided to come stay with me the first day of injections. She helped me organize my medications! Woo hoo for being organized! I bought a planner too, to help with tracking everything. I found my IVF planner on Etsy. It is cute, covered in pineapples, and it is an IVF specific planner. My friend would be my cheerleader and moral support…AKA make sure I am not a huge baby about giving myself a shot in the stomach. I have read many ways to help get over the “fear” of injecting yourself. I wrote “fear” the way I did, because it is not an actual fear, but more of just something weird to do if you have never done it before. Of course, it is a good excuse for a girl’s weekend too! Who doesn’t have girls’ weekends where you get to be a cheerleader for IVF injections?!?!? The first one is easy, it is in a pen form and it measures out the amount you get, it is a redi-ject pen…. The second one is liquid and powder…..then BOOM like magic you mix them together and get the medicine! For now, we will focus on the first one, since I have a few days of that one by itself…. You know, normally during a girls weekend you watch Netflix and gossip….but this girls weekend we got to watch injection videos and talk about the entire process. I am pretty lucky to have such an amazing friend! She arrived and we started talking/figuring out our plans for the weekend. We went to target and found something to use as an injection organizer (because let’s be honest…what girl doesn’t love a good excuse for a target trip?!?!). We organized everything by things needed (syringes, alcohol swabs, gauze pads, different gauge needles, and the different medication). It felt sooooo great to have it all organized and ready to go! ….we also bought some more cold stone creamery ice cream because we soooo deserve a treat after all of this! She prepared me for what to expect and we watched the preparation videos…now we wait until the specific time for the injection….. An hour seemed like 5 hours…..the injection has to be done between 7-9pm every night and at the same exact time each night (each doctor has their own protocol, so if you are reading this, your doctor may have a different injection protocol with different times to take injections). I chose to do the injection at 7pm. For me, that time was best….The clock ticked away and we tried to make time speed up. My injection alarm is set for 6:55pm, so I have enough time to prepare everything by 7. My alarm name is “inject yo self” and the song is….well, it is a fav of mine and it is a pump you up kind of song (you need a good pump up before injections…especially your first). The alarm went off and it was finally time. I was not as nervous as I expected to be….I gathered everything I would need. The first injection I am taking is Gonal-F redi-inject. I prepared the injection pen, I rubbed the rubbing alcohol on the injection site, and I let the area dry for 15 seconds. It was time….I stretched my skin (it is recommended to stretch the skin instead of pinch it) and 3…..2……1……BOOM! I had given myself my first injection without hesitation. I have no clue how, but I just did it. I thought I was going to hesitate or at least have a moment of nerves before, but NOPE! I injected the medication and waited the 5 seconds after injecting…then it was done. I did not feel anything at all. The injections for this stage of IVF are all done in the stomach and my husband works nights, so he is not going to be home some nights when I need the injection. Therefore, we made the decision I would give them to myself. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I can thank my friend for that. She provided amazing support and made me feel at ease about the process.

Let’s just hope if I am every traveling with all this stuff I am not pulled over and do not need to explain to the police why I have so many syringes in my vehicle (HAHA)….officer I swear it is all to make a baby! …….