The pineapple….the myth….the legend! HA! There are a lot of rumors when it comes to pineapple and infertility. Some say the pineapple has properties that help with implantation and a successful pregnancy. I read one study that said to eat an ENTIRE pineapple the day of your transfer….uhhhhhhhhhh that is a whole lotta pineapple!?! Some researchers suggest that it can boost the success of implantation by up to 15%!!! Hey, with odds like that pineapple sounds pretty good! Now, is it actually successful in helping implantation or the success of having a pregnancy when you have infertility issues???? I have no clue! I am not a doctor nor a research extraordinaire. If studies suggest it can help though, I am definitely not against trying it. Pineapple has properties that can make it a natural anti-inflammatory and natural blood thinner, which is why some researchers suggest it can aid with implantation. My doctor has never told me to eat an entire pineapple to help the success of IVF, but if the myth is that pineapple can help, I will wear it….eat it…sleep it……pineapple will be life! HAHA! The pineapple is a symbol for infertility for more reasons than eating it….the pineapple is used as a good luck symbol for infertility. (yes…I bought pineapple socks and other pineapple stuff!)…. Other than the pineapple, avocado, oatmeal, banana, spinach, and a few other foods have been said they are helpful for fertility. I eat all of these! Keeping a healthy diet is always a good thing when you are attempting to conceive, fertility issues or not. I meal prep for work and try to limit eating out. I try to keep my diet “fertility friendly”. This just means I went to Pinterest and did a bunch of research on foods that might help boost fertility! (I am not sure if the foods really boost fertility, but as I said earlier it can not hurt to eat them!)

In terms of fitness, I did some research on what workouts are best for going through fertility treatments. I have always been athletic…I like to run (not fast or anything HAHA but, it is a good way to clear my mind), I like hiking, swimming, going to the gym, and I just enjoy being active. I had read some research that suggested high intensity exercises had been proven to lower the success rate of fertility treatments. There is no official research on that topic, not that I can find, so I am not sure how true that is. My doctor is very supportive of a healthy lifestyle and just doing what I do. I have stopped running and switched to walking and other low intensity exercises for cardio. If I can do anything to help fertility treatments succeed I will, even if there is no official research on it. Obviously having an active/healthy lifestyle is good for a pregnancy and prior to getting pregnant. Just because I have switched to a lower intensity forms of cardio, does not mean I have stopped exercising. I exercise just as much as I did prior to starting fertility treatments. I walk longer distances than I was running to keep up a good cardio routine. I also LOVE the stairs at the gym. I make sure I have a good exercise routine for my core too. Core muscles are important for pregnancy and you want to have them ready before being pregnant.

I like to stay as healthy as I can. If we are going to go through this long journey with infertility, I need to be as healthy as I can be for the process. I feel like if I am at my healthiest, do everything the doctor says, and fertility treatments do not work, at least I did my best. I was the best I could be during the process.