Well, we are now at the point where we have a baseline appointment to make sure my body is good to go for an egg retrieval. They have you on birth control for 11 days and you have the baseline appointment the last few days of that time frame. The birth control is to prevent the ovaries for wanting to overreact or ovulate…..you know since us women are told we overreact, why we would expect our ovaries to be any different? Haha JK (please do not be offended ladies). I know being on birth control sounds odd since OBVIOUSLY we are trying to make a baby, not prevent one….this is done for the baseline ultrasound! Being on birth control allows the uterine lining to stay thin instead of the normal process it goes through during a cycle. This way they can get a pretty….well maybe not pretty, but a clear picture, to make sure there is nothing that will negatively affect the egg retrieval. Ultrasounds always look so weird to me…like hmmmm that black and white stuff all looks the same, but Doc if you say it is an ovary, I trust you! HAHA! The baseline ultrasound revealed………………………………………I AM GOOD TO GO FOR EGG RETRIEVAL! Also, as of today, I am done with the birth control, that must mean it is time to party right?!?!? We should celebrate each little milestone, that means we are one step closer to the end goal! SOOOOOO Cold Stone creamery ice cream it is!  The injections are being delivered today and that means I get to do a little more organizing and planning! Well, 3 of the medications…the other 2 will come on Saturday. We will have a follow up appointment 3 days after we start injections and then hopefully 10-14 days after, we will have some petri dish babies being made! …………..We are now medication free for a few days and get a little break, so stay tuned for the injections post in about a week…ummmm I am sure that should be interesting HAHA! …..Question of the day: should I do the old beehive hairstyle to match my stomach?!?! Or…..?!?!?