This was the start of our infertility and we had no idea what the future would hold for us. I have an extremely normal cycle; I know this is very uncommon for someone battling infertility. My cycle is every 29 days. So, in the beginning of April 2018 when I was 4 days late for my cycle, I just knew something had to be cooking in there. I took a pregnancy test on the morning of the 5th missed day, only to be disappointed with a negative pregnancy test. Then I questioned why I was late. I am never late and had not made any lifestyle changes, so why would I be late now? Mid afternoon on that same day it appeared my cycle had come. It was different than normal though. I had more clotting than I normally do, and this cycle was more painful than it normally is. We knew my husband was about to leave for a 400-day deployment, so I made a doctor appointment in hopes for some answers before he left. A week after, I go to the doctor and they had scheduled an ultrasound/pregnancy test. The test was again negative, which I expected it would be. The ultrasound however revealed something unexpected. The doctor just looked at the ultrasound screen with a concerning face and I was asked to wait in a room after the ultrasound. I knew this was not normal and I was about to get some news I probably did not want to hear. I was at the appointment alone, since my husband had already made plans for the day and I did not think it was an appointment he would be needed at. I was very wrong, and I wish he had been there with me. The doctor entered the room and told me that due to my symptoms, it was most likely that I had a chemical pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy is a miscarriage extremely early in a pregnancy. My embryo/little cluster of cells had not had the chance to implant. Something prevented the implantation from happening, but what could that have been? The doctor then explained to me that I had some cysts in my ovaries. I had no clue what was going to come next or what this even meant for me in that moment. The doctor explained I had PCOS and it was very likely that I would need fertility treatments to get pregnant. The doctor showed me the ultrasound picture and advised I had 12 cysts per ovary. I was in shock. I had gone for a pre pregnancy check up where I was told everything seemed fine. The doctor explained I had some other symptoms associated with PCOS too. I sat in the office for a minute with a blank stare, not really hearing everything she said after that. I left the office wondering what was going to happen from this point on. I luckily have a friend who has struggled with PCOS. I immediately advised my husband to meet me at home as soon as he could, and I contacted my friend. She put my mind at ease, and it made me feel so good to have someone that understood how I felt in that moment. I got home and began telling my husband about the doctor appointment. My husband was so amazing and began telling me we could adopt if necessary. He was so supportive, and it amazed me, not that I thought he would not be supportive. It is not something you discuss at the beginning of a marriage…you discuss money, lifestyle options, likes/dislikes, and many other things. It is uncommon to discuss the possibility of infertility or what you want to do if you can’t have children before you get married, but we knew my husband was about to leave. Our options were limited at this point since we could not do fertility treatments without him at home. I knew I at least had some time to get myself healthier. This also gave us time to figure out a plan for what we wanted to do when he returned.