There is a lot to decide with IVF. I had no clue there were so many options we would be provided. They can laser hatch the embryo’s…..INSANE! I knew this was a thing from speaking to people who have gone through the process…however, I was unaware they could laser hatch an embryo more than once during the petri dish phase. We had to decide if we were going to do genetic testing on the embryos at this point. We had discussed it before and had thought about not doing it. Well, now we were here and needed to decide if we were going to move forward with genetic testing. After A LOT of discussion, we decided we would do genetic testing on our embryos. This, for us, was the best option. We thought why pay for IVF and go through this entire process, if we were going to implant embryos that would lead to non-viable pregnancies. The genetic screening can inform you of embryos that are abnormal and would miscarry. I have learned that some embryos have both normal and abnormal test results, these embryos are called mosaic embryos. I asked our clinic about it, since I know someone who was not told that their embryo was mosaic. Luckily our clinic tells us if we have a mosaic embryo. We went and signed the paperwork….this meant it was real and was going to happen. When we went for paperwork signing the nurse showed us how I was going to do the injections…..uhhhhh me?!? You want me to do those?!? I know that women who go through this usually give themselves the injections, but I was having a hard time picturing myself doing it. I know I could, but I might need someone cheering me on while I attempt it (like I am some Olympic gymnast trying a new move for a routine haha… I not a gymnast nor have I ever done any Olympic moves). Well, they demonstrated and explained each injection I would have to do (up to 3 a day and at the exact same time every day…sheesh that is a lot to ask of a girl). Each injection would be in my stomach…..great so my stomach is going to look like I walked into a bee hive. After signing paperwork in the main office, it was time to sign paperwork with the lab our clinic uses. The lab is connected to the main clinic, so it is convenient. Little did we know the amount of paperwork that goes into making these tiny embryos. They asked all kinds of questions we were not prepared for……like who was going to keep the embryos if we were to both pass away….uhhhh what?!? You are telling me we can have someone inherit our embryos???? UMMMM this is not something we had discussed with anyone or asked if anyone wanted our embryos….like hey you want a cluster of our combined cells if something happens to us??? Such an odd question to ask someone and something that we did not consider we would need to answer. We opted at the time to donate to someone with fertility issues if that were to happen, even though we obviously do not expect that to happen. The reality is we have very dangerous jobs and that is a possibility, so of course we need to be prepared. We opted for that in the moment knowing we had time to discuss with family the options of them taking charge of our little embryos. I had already started medication at this point, birth control. They have you start birth control to prevent you from ovulating and to get a good baseline ultrasound. So, we were now in the waiting period before the egg retrieval.