My husband returned home…to a pretty darn fit wife if I might say so! I weighed 25lbs less when he returned! I was so proud of myself for sticking to a plan. We had decided to try naturally to conceive before consulting with a fertility doctor. The first month my husband was home, I was 7 days late. We immediately were excited to take a pregnancy test….to our surprise and disappointment it was negative. A day later my cycle came. This was not a normal cycle. It was super short and nothing about it was like what I had experienced in prior cycles. I called my OBGYN and made an appointment. The wait for the appointment was not fun. When the appointment came a few days later, they confirmed we were not pregnant. The OBGYN said we had an early term miscarriage. This was determined due to my symptoms, how different my cycle was, and an ultrasound. Prior to being told this we assumed it might have been because my husband was gone for 11.5 months and my body was just adjusting to him being home. The OBGYN said that is not how it works….I mean how would we know that? Do women really know their bodies and how they operate? More than likely no, there is a lot we do not know (it is insane on how much you find out when you have infertility issues). We figured we would give it another month though and see where the wind would take us. So, a month later, I was again late. This time I was 8 days late…..and again a negative result. This time, I had some major symptoms though. I had extremely sore breasts and I had some nausea. I thought that I may have tested too early, but I wasn’t sure. I waited 2 days and then I had the worst “cycle” I have ever had. I had a low-grade fever and I felt super sick. I was in a ton of pain, not normal cramping. I called my OBGYN and made an appointment. It was confirmed that I was not pregnant, but we were told we had a second early term miscarriage. The OBGYN at this point advised we may want to consult with a fertility doctor. So, we scheduled an appointment with a fertility doctor that was highly recommended in our area. After some blood tests, it was determined my progesterone levels were extremely high during the time of my missed cycle….anytime other than that my progesterone levels were completely normal (which is another thing they were able to use in determining I had early term miscarriages….my numbers were as high as someone pregnant with twins).To be honest I began to lose all hope. I thought we would never have a child or be pregnant. It really affected me to the point that I just expected to miscarry. In my mind it was just never going to happen. I had to constantly remind myself to have hope. I talked to the people I knew could understand what I was feeling and finally got to where I was at peace with the situation. I know God has a plan for me and I needed to be patient.