We were so nervous, but why? We already knew we were having issues sustaining a pregnancy and we were taking steps to move forward, so we had nothing to be nervous about, right? Wrong! Being nervous before a fertility appointment is normal because there are many unknowns at this point. Why can’t we carry out a pregnancy? Is something wrong with the embryo? Is something wrong with me or him? Do our genetics not match up?

We get called to the back; it is our turn. At this point we had another early term miscarriage that had been confirmed by my OBGYN (#3), so we were worried about what the fertility doctor would say. She came into the room and immediately we both felt at ease. She was so nice and very personable. We knew she was meant to go on this long journey with us. She asked questions and we explained what we had experienced. She agreed with what the OBGYN determined, in reference to the chemical pregnancy and early term miscarriages. She told us they would be running some tests on both of us. We both needed blood work and screenings. It all seemed like a lot for the beginning. We were overwhelmed, but my friend reassured me that it was going to be ok and these screenings were necessary. I had also at this point found someone else with infertility, she had a blog that I found on Facebook. Talking to both ladies about the process was super helpful in calming us for what was in our future. We both started with blood work (they tested for a lot of stuff to make sure we were good to go). I had to do an HSG and he had to do a semen analysis.


I was nervous about this since I have never had an HSG before (not something to be nervous about now that I have done it).  I went to the radiology department in the same building as my fertility clinic. I checked in and waited. I was called to the back and advised to put on a gown (they also gave me some warm hospital socks, so I looked like a dork). I laid on the x-ray table. I was advised they would use a catheter to inject dye into my fallopian tubes/uterus. You are putting dye where? It is not as bad as it seems. They injected the dye and began taking pictures. It was kind of neat to see how everything really looks (those plastic examples in doctors’ offices do not look like the real thing lol). The doctor performing the HSG was super amazing, he talked me through it and immediately informed me of his findings. I was told that my left fallopian tube was perfect (way to go left side….show off). The right side however had some issues. The doctor said fluid was not draining out of my right fallopian tube like it should. I had no clue fluid was supposed to drain outside of the tubes at the bottom. I mean really who knew that happened? I did not know what that meant for me, but the doctor said he would send the results to my fertility doctor and she would set up a meeting to discuss it.

The semen analysis:

Well, he went into the room to give his sample. I do not think I need to go into detail about this process. His results came in very quickly though and we were able to set up an appointment with the doctor.