As we prepared for surgery and the date got closer, I got more nervous. I was having a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. I did not know what either of these meant when I was told I would be having surgery. I did some research and found out with a laparoscopy they fill your stomach with air……ummmm what? You are going to blow up my stomach?!?! I was so confused when I read this. I was told that it was so they could see when they went inside with the camera for surgery. Crazy that they need to blow your stomach up with air for that! I was having the hysteroscopy to clear up any endometriosis or polyps in my uterine lining. The laparoscopy was to permanently detach my right fallopian tube from my uterus and do a partial removal of my right fallopian tube. How the heck was my body going to function after all of this? I had no clue, but we were moving forward and that is what mattered.

The day came and I of course prepared my stomach by filling it with air myself, because that works right?!? Just kidding….It would be way easier if it worked that way, but it did not. They took me in the back to prep me for surgery. My husband got to be with me at this point. I got to speak with the anesthesiologist and my fertility doctor. Multiple nurses had been by to check on me. I had my IV started and was ready to go get this done! They gave me the “margarita mix”…which never puts me to sleep. I got into the operating room, moved beds, and went to sleep. When I woke up, I was ready to get my booty out of the hospital and get in my comfy bed! My incisions were in my belly button (I know super weird) and on my right side (kind of above where the ovary would be…I think). I got into the car and my husband drove us home. I was still tired from the pain medicine they gave me after surgery, so I slept most of the drive. We got home and I crawled into my comfy bed to rest/heal. I took 4 days off work and then had my off days, so in total was off work for 6 days. I was on limited work duty for a few weeks after surgery, since my job is very physically demanding. My doctor decided to keep me on limited duty to allow my incisions to completely heal and to start IUI.