I know this covers a lot of time in here, but this is what I did to get rid of ALL of my PCOS cysts naturally.  After being told I have PCOS, I immediately started doing some research. I wanted to know everything I could about it and what options I had to manage it. After doing some research and speaking with my OBGYN, I decided I would try some natural things before jumping to being on birth control. Birth control has always made me very sick and my body does not do well with it. So, I researched the natural ways to get rid of PCOS. I changed everything about my lifestyle. I began eating healthier and working out again. One thing I found out with the diagnosis is I had gained some weight. I was at my heaviest I had ever been (I am 5’2” and was weighing 145 lbs…the most I had weighed prior to this was 125 lbs when I was in the best shape of my life). So, the journey began……I meal prepped for work and cooked my meals. I only bought organic food items and ate foods that were healthier for reproduction. I ate a lot of leafy greens and stuck to chicken/turkey for meats. I got on a super good workout schedule. I started with walking and got to the point where I was running again. My husband was deployed during this time and I wanted to be at my healthiest when he returned, so we could better our chances of having a baby. I had some extremely painful cycles during this time frame. My OBGYN told me those super painful cycles were my cysts rupturing. My OBGYN did not want me to get my hopes up and continued to tell me that PCOS cysts can burst, but also grow back. I was determined to have as few as possible when my husband got home. I suffered through the pain, sometimes while at work, when they would rupture. I knew I was destroying some of the cysts and it became like a game. My cycle was every 29 days exactly and I was taking ovulation tests to make sure I was ovulating every month (because yes women have weird bodies and they can have a cycle without ovulating). I was ovulating monthly and overly regular. I was more determined than ever to be at my best health wise. During this time my husband and I also discussed our options in moving forward for getting pregnant. We had decided to try on our own for a couple of months after he returned and if we had not gotten pregnant, we would seek the assistance of a fertility doctor. (I will share in another post when I found out I no longer had cysts)

If you want full details on what I ate and my workout plans, feel free to e-mail me and I will gladly share! You can email me at: peasandourpod@gmail.com