After our miscarriage, I went to see our doctor for follow up scans to make sure my body processed the miscarriage on its own. My initial scan was abnormal, but I needed another scan due to my uterine lining being too thick/at the wrong stage for a good look. After a cycle, I returned forContinue reading Surgery

The superstitions for transfer day and the 9 day wait…

Now, there are a lot of superstitions that surround a transfer day and a lot of things people recommend you do. For us, we decided to try them all….because why not?!?! We both wore our shirts, I wore lucky pineapple socks, I ate fries on the way home (I chose chick-fil-a fries over mcdonalds), andContinue reading The superstitions for transfer day and the 9 day wait…

Injections 3.0

Injections 3.0…October 2019 We are getting close to our egg retrieval!!! WOO HOO! My stomach has started to get sore and swollen/bloated. There has also been some minor bruising. I have lost track of how many times I have given myself a shot now….it become part of my daily routine. My husband gave me 2Continue reading Injections 3.0

Food and Fitness

The pineapple….the myth….the legend! HA! There are a lot of rumors when it comes to pineapple and infertility. Some say the pineapple has properties that help with implantation and a successful pregnancy. I read one study that said to eat an ENTIRE pineapple the day of your transfer….uhhhhhhhhhh that is a whole lotta pineapple!?! SomeContinue reading Food and Fitness

IUI – September 2019

We did our first and only round of IUI on 8/19/19. For those who do not know, IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination……basically they turkey baste the chick. To prepare for this process, which was immediately started with my first cycle after surgery, I had to take a medication called Clomid. The medication was alright. ItContinue reading IUI – September 2019